The Reactionary & Reckless Minds

Purchased Corey Robin’s Reactionary Mind yesterday.  It’s sharing an Amazon box with Lilla’s Reckless Mind.   A list of reviews:

Sheri Berman in NYT

Crooked Timberhere

Mark LillaNYRB

TNC of course

Alex GourevitchJacobin

And Corey Robin‘s response

More from Crooked Timber

Society for U.S. Intellectual History blog

Stay tuned for a Sleet to-and-fro…   Until then some prerequisites:

Robin at Rorty Bomb and Sullivan‘s initial response.

More NYT from Gary Gutting, and here.

Did I miss this?

Feb 6 Update: Robin sends  a letter to NYRB about Lilla’s review, to which Lilla responds.  Robin’s book is now at the top of the pile and front of the line!  Will write soon…

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