A Possession for Everlasting

I’m currently treading water trying to make sense of Aristotle’s political philosophy, on account of my preference for the Rhetoric and of my inability to set aside my curiosity regarding the doctrine of the moral conscience.  Of course, how can one set either of these aside given the current climate’s love for recent iterations of habitus?  Soon, very soon (I alway say this don’t I?) necessity will force itself upon me and I will get to return to Thucydides’ History.  This time, however, “time” will be on my mind as I read.  Thucydides uses the “natural” calendar of summers and winters to chronicle the war.  Strauss (CM, 227n88) provides some hints for understanding Thucydides’ hints.  Some attention will also be paid to what I can only very clumsily call the “Periclean biopolitics” of the plague and stasis.  

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